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/ HS Model UN Conference / HS Registration


The Spring 2024 conference will take place on April 4, 2024! Registration will close March 4 if we do not meet capacity before then! 

Nation assignments will be emailed shortly after registration closes! Nation Assignments are holistic to spread out groups as much as possible. This will ensure equal representation in commitees and balance with numbers!

Students can register independantly of their school as an individual or as a group! They will fill out the form as normal but their chaperone’s information must be submitted on the form and they MUST stay on campus for the entire duration of the conference. This trusted adult must be over the age of 25.


Register Using This Form

We reserve the right to close registration at any time for capacity reasons.
Group Capacity is set at 35 students
Anticipated capacity for Spring is 350 students


$15 per delegation fee

If you have any further questions about registration, please email us at

Payment could be mailed to our department or delivered on the day of the conference. The registration fee for delegations is not refundable. Our mailing address is

Appalachian State University International Relations Association
Department of Government and Justice Studies
352 Anne Belk Hall
224 Joyce Lawrence Lane
ASU Box 32107
Boone, NC 28608


We are asking all delegates to come prepared for Model UN through research, active participation, and to come dressed appropriately; western business attire is strongly recommended.

We do not provide food or parking. It is the responsibility of students and their teachers to work this out.

Prewritten resolutions will not be accepted. All resolutions will be written in committee.