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The International Relations Association is a student organization dedicated to the appreciation and increased understanding of world events and international organizations. The club participates extensively in Model United Nation activities, hosting as well as traveling to different cities as Model UN delegations. The IRA office is located in Belk Hall.


To increase the understanding and appreciation of foreign and international affairs.


Sponsors Model United Nations Conferences for regional middle schools & high schools each semester.

Sends delegates to Model UN Conferences sponsored by other universities; hotel & transportation PAID!

Organizes events on campus such as guest speakers and panels; increasing awareness about international issues and events at the University & in the general community.


Open to all students in good standing, regardless of major field or current level of awareness concerning world events and the United Nations. Routine meetings are required to prepare for sponsored events and to ready delegates and chairpersons for their conference responsibilities.


Contact Us

Rm. 352, Anne Belk Hall
Boone, NC 28608

Department of Government and Justice Studies