Exec Board

Ryan Fenton - President - Ryan is currently a Senior studying International and Comparative Politics, with minors in History and Africana Studies. In his free time he enjoys drinking hot chocolate, watching The West Wing, and mindlessly scrolling through Twitter.

Sol Eure - Treasurer - Sol is a junior at App, with a major in International and Comparative Politics and a minor in Arabic. He loves to make tea, advocate for Interfaith cooperation & work with kids. He studied in Ifrane, Morrocco last semester.
Olivia Price - Middle School Secretary General - Olivia is a junior majoring in History, Secondary Education. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching Gilmore Girls, going to volunteer in Guatemala and concerts.
Luke Seigfried - Secretary General - Luke is a Fermentation Sciences Major from beautiful Manassas, Virginia. He has been active in MUN for seven years, focusing on crisis committees. In his free time he plays Quidditch and cooks for his roommates. He will be in Boone, North Carolina next semester.
Carl R. Raker - Charge D'Affaires - Carl is a Sophomore who is majoring in International and Comparative Politics, and he is working on a minor in Communication. He enjoys singing, going to the gym, and spending time with freinds. Last semester, he studied in Florence, Italy.

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Department of Government and Justice Studies