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Background Guides

The committees and topics are listed below. Please note which committees are Single/Double delegations.

General Assembly; (Double delegation)

Religious Rights

Coordinating International Responses to Climate Crises

INTERPOL and International Fugitives

UN High Commissioner of Refugees; (Double Delegation)

Burmese Refugees in Bangledesh

Syrian Refugees in Northern Syria

Venezuelan Refugees in the Americas

UN Economic and Social Council; (Double delegation)

Education of Stateless People

The World Bank and the PRC

Defending Religious Sites

UN Security Council; (Single Delegation)

Cross Border Aid into Syria

Peacekeeping and Sexual Assault

Colombian Compliance to the FARC Peace Deal

Turkey's Recent Activities in Libya

African Union

West African Franc

East African Federation

Water Rights/Grand Rennaisance Dam

 1494: Return to Republican Florence, Medici Exile, and Charles VIII's Invasion of Italy; (Historical Crisis, Single Delegation)

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